Coming soon... Sports Massage!

Following a postural assessment, range of movement tests, and consultation, a massage treatment will be designed to target areas of the body that require attention.

Pre-Event and Post-Event Massage will also be on offer!

On-site / Chair Massage

A treatment accessible to anyone, anywhere. Suitable for shorter treatments in the work place or at events, and can be carried out fully clothed. Also suitable for people with less mobility, or would rather not climb up onto a couch!

Tailored Massage

Following a consultation, we will create a massage treatment to suit your needs, whether it be to ease muscle tension in a certain area, improve relaxation and sleep, or to manage stress and anxiety.  


Deep Tissue Massage

Iron out those tense muscles. Deep tissue massage is a very effective way of relieving muscular tension and restricted movement, by working on muscles that are deep, as apposed to superficial (near the surface).


Pregnancy Massage

Suitable from 12 weeks, this massage is gentle and relaxing. Great for easing hip and lower back pain, as well as tension in feet, legs and shoulders.

*NEW* Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

This treatment is truly unique, and has many benefits associated with respiratory issues, immunity, allergies, and nervous conditions. It can also help restore the collagen of the skin.

Indian Head Massage

This treatment will leave you feeling nourished and relaxed. Starting with easing tension in the shoulders, upper back and the neck, a lovely scalp massage, using a hair oil that will act as a mask to improve the health of your hair and scalp. Finishing with a lovely facial massage to leave you deeply relaxed.


Mini Facial Massage (10 mins) can be added to your massage

CBD Massage Oil is a premium oil that can can be added to your massage. For more info, see the 'Products I LOVE' page of the website.